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    Hello Everyone,I'm Susan from Nova Scotia, Canada.  I love learning about history and podcasts have been a major way for me to get my fix in the past few years.  I drive 45 min to and from work every day so I usually plug in a podcast to listen to and pass the time.I'm really enjoying Jamie's podcast and appreciate that he's taking the time to go so in-depth about all of the cultural suitabilities.I'm looking forward to contributing to the forums and getting to know all of you.Susan

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    Welcome to the party, Susan!I'm also a fan of Jamie for going into cultural details and not just battle after battle after battle. 

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    I, too, very much appreciate that Jamie focuses on cultural concepts.

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    Hi Susan, welcome to the community!And I'm so glad you're enjoying the cultural stuff and that it helps pass the time on your commute. :D

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