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    Hello from Scotland.Another newbie here.  I joined this site because the great history podcasts are just what I need right now.  My brother has published a couple of historical novels set in the Roman Britain and it's marvellous for me to get some good historical background from the podcasts.Keep up the good work, Jamie!  It's all very helpful.Stuart Anthony

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    Hi Stuart, welcome to the forums!What novels did your brother write?

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    Thanks for the welcome!  Love the podcasts.My brother, Gordon Anthony has written In The Shadow Of The Wall, a great story which deals with the contrasts between the so called 'civilised' Romans (with their horrific gladiator entertainments) and the 'barbarian' peoples north of Hadrian's Wall.  It's on Kindle if you are interested.He is now embarking on a weightier series based upon Calgacus and his determined resistance against the encroachment of the Romans in the Britain of that time.  The first (just published) is World's End.Your podcasts are really helping fill in the background for me as I am no great history buff.Many thanks

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    That's really interesting, I'll have to check it out once I get the chance (probably once this project is over, unfortunately). 

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