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    Sweet, I might have to give them a try.Has anyone played Sins of a Solar Empire?Just picked that up recently, really enjoying it, its pretty awesome.

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    Yep. I have put far too many hours of my life into Sins. It's a great game!  Though I haven't tried the new expansion. Ever since I started this podcast my time for gaming has vanished.

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    sins is a pretty fun game, though I am pretty awful at it.

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    I picked up Trinity which has all the expansions in, so I've never played without, its pretty good, Starbases, crazy complex diplomacy and like 3 new research trees per race.

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    It is quite sad that that 4x games have 'died' in the last few years. I have been meaning to play Endless space, but I haven't heard much about so I've been holding off on getting it. I quite enjoyed Sword of the Stars 1, but Sword of the Stars 2 was abysmal. 

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    SINS is a great game.  Pretty vast.  It is pretty difficult, though.

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