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    So I read/heard some blurb (forget where) about there being a referendum on Scottish independence that's supposed to come about in 2014? Anyone know about this I'm curious, especially since HRH is a Scot, at least by her mother. And sorry about the spelling in the subject line if someone can correct.

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    A long story here – short version is that the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) last year won an overall majority in the relatively new Scottish parliament.  So at some point before 2016 when the next election is due, they have the right to legislate for an independence (or something like it) vote.  Seems they have now decided on Fall 2014 to be the scheduled time.  All the usual shenanigans going on re what the question will be and how the situation will be positioned (familiar to all Canadians who have gone through decades of the same with respect to Quebec independence).  Seems as though there is a fairly solid anti-independence majority, but that doesn't mean that strange things can't happen between now and 2014.  If you want to read about Scottish "Devo-Max" (a legislative issue rather than a Mel Gibson character!) and related political issues, it is all explained here: luck to future historians trying to explain the intricacies!   

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    sounds like it….thinking about this now I can't help but think that with the current economic issues affecting all of us, this might not be the best time for anyone to break off on their own although it would be pretty cool.

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    Huge can of worms here!Personally, as a Scot who considers himself both Scottish and British, I'm still undecided.  I can see the benefits of independence, of remaining as things are and of expanding our current devolved powers (the so called "devo-max" option which may or may not be offered in a referendum).  If the referendum was tomorrow, I'd probably vote devo-max if that were an option as I think overall, the Scottish parliament has been a good thing for Scotland over recent years.I also see no reason why parts of England shouldn't choose to have the same sort of devolved power (though I imagine Lancashire and Yorkshire would have trouble agreeing where a Northern England seat of power would be).To me (and lots of people I know), it's a nice, romantic idea to return to full independence however I think the possible financial implications of this put a lot of people off.  Depending on who you listen to, you get completely different answers on whether an independent Scotland would be better or worse off.

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