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    Anonymous – A link to the maker for anyone interestedSAGA - The Viking Age is a miniautes game set in the Viking Age where players lead their Warlord and his retinue for glory, for blood or for bounty. Each player builds his retinue of between 17 - 73 men with options like jaelines, double handed Dane axes, quick moving cavalry and irish wold hounds and fight in a variety of scenarios to chooose from.SSB13.jpgTo anyone new, current or looking into wargaming I cannot suggest any other game MORESO than Saga. The rulebook is very small, the game being VERY easy to learn but very hard to master as each army s distinct via its battle board which gives each army individual special tactics and abilities that distinguish its style of combat.[img][/img]We play this almost exclusively in my warming group in Australia and the game has grown incredibly popular. There are multiple armies at the moment including  Anglo Danes  Normans  Vikings  Welsh  Anglo-Saxons  Bretons  Jomsvikings  Scots  Skraelings  Carolingian Franks  Irish  Norse Gaels  Strathclyde Welsh  Byzantines  Pagan Rus  Era Of The Princes Rus5linesrun.jpg

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    Great game!

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