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    Hello! I'm Ruth. I'm from Eugene, OR, so I'm thrilled that you're a fellow Oregonian, Jamie. I've always been a history geek, and somewhat more recently an Anglophile. I'm a medieval reenactor with the Society for Creative Anachronism, as is my husband. I'm a bit all over the place, but my primary period of interest and research is 14th Century Sussex. My husband is firmly rooted in Henrican Portsmouth, with a particular interest in all things nautical. I've a particular interest in every day life, especially for women, such as housekeeping, handcrafts, cooking, medicine, religion etc. But I do love it all. All this Roman Britain info is making me more interested in Britain's older past, so who knows, I could be dropping a century here... Thanks for the podcasts, I've listened to all of them in the past week ,and I'm looking forward to the coming weeks as we transition towards the dark ages! I've had Anglo Saxon England on the back burner as a topic of interest for awhile, so I'm looking forward to that.

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    Ruth, do you think the SCA would be interested in the podcast?  Should that be a group that I should be reaching out to?And once I get to the 14th century, I'd love to chat with you about cooking and whatnot.  :)

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    Hey, I realized I never replied. The SCA is definitely a group you ought to reach out to. You'll find not only people interested, but people who may be able to assist in research.I'm definitely looking forward to the 14th century, but I've recently grown a greater interest in the Anglo-Saxons, not in small part due to your podcast. :)

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