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    Hello!My name is Rickie. I hail from the coast of New England.I've been listening to the podcast since September, I think, and I'm absolutely loving it. History was always my least favourite subject in school. It wasn't until I started finding sources that turned history into a story instead of a sequence of dates that I fell in love.I've always loved coming up with stories and plots, though most remain in my head. I find the podcast is wonderful for fleshing out what the world was like in the past. It's hard to write stories when the entire world where they're taking place is a dark confusing mass. Plus it makes bus rides a hundred times more enjoyable.  ;)Outside of the podcast I'm 19, currently a student hoping to go into sustainable agriculture. As I said I also like making stories, also drawing. I love looking at communication and the different ways and places people learn. I think it would be fabulous to someday write books, movies, video games, etc that take into account actual information from history or any other subject. I personally think say, Assassin's Creed, would be way more cool if it took place in the midst of the politics of the time.  ;DI look forward to more episodes, and a big thank you to Jamie for making this happen!-R

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    Welcome to the forums, Rickie!

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    Another welcome to the forum me.You should really try writing the history stories you find so interesting. I enjoyed writing a few years ago and ended with 250 pages (unfinished though) but for me it was the experience of writing in the first place that I loved so much. Plus, writing down the history is another great way to remember it.

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