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    Richard Lyle

    My name is Richard. I live in Cambridge with my wife, her son, our two cats and an elderly chicken called Gytha. I work in publishing, spend a lot of time running and coaching athletics. My wife is a writer of historical fantasy. Her third book is published this week. I spend a lot of time on the road and listen to the podcasts driving between appointments. They really help while away hours stuck in some hideous queue three miles from home on the A14.

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    Haha, that's a fantastic name for an elderly chicken!  I think you'd fit in here in Portland, we also have a thing for keeping esoterically named chickens.  :)What books has your wife written, if you don't mind sharing?Welcome to the community!

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    Richard Lyle

    Sorry for the delay in writing. I've been on the road for what feels like weeks. My wife is Anne Lyle and she has had three books published now: Alchemist of Souls, Merchant of Dreams and Prince of Lies. They're set in a version of Elizabethan England where Elizabeth is married and the Americas are inhabited with a people called the Skraylings as well as Native Americans. She's working on a new project now that she has completed this one.

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