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    Hi,I have been listening to this podcast for at least a year now - it is the best for content and for production including sound, and Jamie is fun to listen to. I wish I had a teacher like him when I went to school!I am fascinated by history and listen to a lot of podcasts covering many different topics. If any of the members are ever meeting up or there is a trip over to see some historical sites count me in. Being based over in the UK I have help out with some of the practical stuff.Looking forward to the next episodes and hopefully meeting some of you.Richard :)

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    Hi Richard,Thank you so much for the kind compliments, and I'm quite chuffed that you're pleased with the sound production.  It's something that I get a little obsessive over, and I've had friends tell me "No one notices this stuff, you know... just release it!"  So it's nice to know that it's not just me.  Heh.Welcome to the community!Jamie

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