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    HiyaI'm Rich, I'm from London, England. I am a History graduate and I love this podcast because I firmly believe that we need more passion in the way History is taught and represented. The podcast is a great example of how to do it right. I'm a civil servant by day and a musician/singer/songwriter by night. I have yet to write the great 'History meets pop' song I know is in my head somewhere :). If anyone has any ideas.......I completely avoided British History for my degree although I am a sucker for the Victorian era with Disraeli and Gladstone (I can't wait to hear what Jamie will do with that, but that's a loooonnnggg way in the future). I specialised in The Roman Republic,The American Civil War and South African History. Julius Caesar and Joseph Chamberlain would be my favourite historical figures.

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    Hello, Rich.  Glad you could join us. Any youtubes of your music? Boudicca deserves a 'history meets pop' song, surely?

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    Welcome to the forums, Rich!I'm also looking forward to speaking about Mr. Gladstone.  But I suspect that at around that point in history, this podcast will slow down to a crawl.  I'll simply have too much information to get through.  ;)And incidentally, I second Carol's request.

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    Hi Rich, welcome to the forum.I was thinking maybe something about King Arthur with distinctive rock undertones influnced by The Who and/or maybe the Foo Fighters....or maybe that's a little too much. What instrument do you play if you don't mind me asking?

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    Perhaps a “We Didn't Start the Fire”-type song?  Just a rapid-fire series of names and places.  Or perhaps a swooning ballad to the life of Scipio Africanus?Also, I'm a big fan of Roman history and I'm from the Southern U.S., so definitely know quite a bit about the Civil War. ;)  Lots of sites all around.Welcome and hope to hear more from you. :)

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    Hi Rich, It nice to have a fellow history graduate on the forums. What sub-field of history did you study (if you don't mind my asking)??? :DDiane

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    @drewster81 You know I was thinking of the very same thing about a 'we didn't start the fire' type thing. I may will do that.@diane blimey, lots! Our primary course was British History ( I know I said I avoided it in my intro, it would be better phrased as 'took little interest')  but I took modules in things like the history of medicine, South African history, especially around apartheid, The American Civil War, and Socialism in Europe until 1945. What are your areas of interest?I don't have any songs on Youtube, but I do have a few on facebook. I promise i'll write a history related song and post it on Youtube though.

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    @chris I play guitar, write and sing. Not sure I'd be very good out rocking out though!

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    Rich,I live in Canada, our history degree seems different than yours. We have to pick one area to focus on- I focused on Canadian History; 10/20 of my history classes focused on Canada- mostly military and western Canadian history), Outside of Canadian history, I studied the World Wars, the American Civil War, and American Cold War Foreign Policy. I only ever took one course on Britain, we learned about the English Civil War. Any particular periods of interest?

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    Hi Diane,Our Degree was in broken down into 3 ten week terms for each of the three years.I combined my degree with English literature, So we we could mix and match to a certain extent what we wanted to study. For example for my dissertation I combined Literature and History by writing about the influence of Folk music/ Nursery Rhymes in popular culture. I think i'm a bit of a sucker for the end of the Roman Republic - Sulla,Marius,Pompey,Caesar,Mark Anthony,Octavian/Augustus. I find it very fascinating.Normally though I like History with a broad range of sources.So often, I tend to enjoy more modern History. I find myself pretty fascinated by everything really these days though. I try and look at areas that I have not discovered before and that leads me forward.I have little knowledge of Canadian history sadly, the little I do know is from an anglocentric point of view. Any book recommendations?Rich

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    For WWI History I just finished Tim Cook's At the Sharp End and Shock Troops. Both were fantastic.

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