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    Hi! I'm Rebecca and I live in Chicago. I'm currently an investment banking analyst, though I'm planning on going to law school next fall. Just gotta get through the LSAT in October! Stumbled upon the podcast a few weeks ago and got hooked! I've always been interested in history and would have studied history in college had my parents hadn't drilled into my head i'd never get a job without a “practical” major.

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    Welcome, Rebecca!  When Jamie asks, “Does the world really need another lawyer?”, let the answer in your case be a resounding, “Yes!”.

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    Wow!  You're the second investment banker taking the LSAT that I've met this week.  What a funny coincidence!  :DLet me know if you have any questions about the LSAT, law school, or the practice of law.  And welcome to the forums!Jamie

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