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    Hello everyone.My name is Rachel Marques and I'm a brazilian historian. I found out about the podcast when I was going through one of my crisis (sometimes I wake up feeling that, although I've dedicated many year of my life to the study of history, I haven't really learned anything): I just put "history" on the podcast search and started going through what I found. Since I am a historian, I was engineered to be extra critical, and I was ssuspicious at first, but I found the BHP very good, very informative and, especially, very entertaining.I understand English very well, but I speak little, and I write even less, so I apologize in advance for any misspelling or anything of the sort. Please feel free to correct me when it happen - that way I can learn.Thank you all.

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    Hey Rachel,what are your areas of specialization? I'm working on my Ph.D. in history specializing in US history.Shawn

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    Hey Shaw.My areas of specialization are social history and family history in the context of Portuguese colonies (especially Brazil, obviously). I'm also working in my Ph.D. and I'm trying to understand the maintenance of the social hierarchy through the study of the social networks of two rival families in the early nineteenth century. I'm still waiting to see what will come of it...What are tou working on?

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    Well I start my Ph.D. in August. I'm interested in borders and US history (specifically the U.S./Mexico border), indigenous peoples and American imperialism. I'm also interested in political movements and 19th/20th century US economic history. So let's see where this goes. :) I took a class recently on fascism in South America with Dr. Sandra McGee Detusch, a specialist in Argentine history. Needless to say, interesting stuff. Good luck and welcome to the forums.

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