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    So I’m currently on Episode 100 of the podcast. We’ve been in the Anglo-Saxon period for a bit now and I have what I think could be an odd question..

    Did the peoples who make up the Anglo-Saxons call themselves Anglo-Saxons or something else? Today we in America call ourselves Americans, and that’s kinda where I’m going with this!


    P.S. Just renewed for an ENTIRE YEAR! Expect to see me around!

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    We talk about this on one of the later episodes. It’s unlikely that many people saw themselves as Anglo Saxons. We do see the use of Anglecyn and Englisc being used as time goes on, but most people likely saw themselves as part of their family identity, then their village identity, and then maybe their kingdom identity. But as for an overarching ethnicity? That was probably something that your average person didn’t even contemplate.

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