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    I'm wondering if anyone here has any knowledge about Scottish Clans, because I've been wondering this and my fiancee is no help since he is terrible at being Scottish.He's Scottish, and apparently his tartan is Hunting Fraser. That's all he knows. He's too British and awkward to ask his family for any more insight. Does this mean he's Clan Fraser? He told me that Hunting was part of his clan title but that didn't seem right. Also, when I marry him, does this mean I'm by association Clan Fraser? I'm American, so I don't know if I could technically qualify, but it'd be cool if I could.

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    Sorry I don't have a sure answer for you but I believe hunting tartans are just like they sound. A greener tartan for out and about activities like hunting. Also as a Frazer I can tell you that tracking down Fraser lineage can be confusing, but maybe real Scottish people can keep it all straight. But there are two different clans with the Fraser name and multiple spellings. Again without knowing anything about it I'm confident that by marrying a Fraser your associating with Frasers, pretty closely associated I'd say. At this point in history I get the feeling the clans are far from clannish.

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