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    Hello everyone, I am From Canada, and am ABSOLUTELY LOVIN the BHP!!! Jamie you are awesome BTW! love the way you make a history pod cast BETTER then a PBS Visual Special! This has inspired me to do my own podcast show about Graphic Design, which is my profession by trade.I would love to know if there is anyone near me that is interested in finding a British or Irish pub, and get some people together to do the pub quizzes, and grab a few pints! I think getting nice communities of listeners out together would be great for Jamie to get his podcast even more hits then it does now. I don't know if this is already happening, but I would love for people around the BHP cloture to get together. Maybe if this does happen, Jamie can add a section in the forum for listeners to communicate better with dates and such. Just an Idea! would love to start one!Again I hope I get to know everyone on here more, and Jamie, Keep killin it! :)

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    Hi Jason, a podcast on graphic design would be really interesting.  Are you thinking you'd do it as a video podcast, so people can look at the elements you're referring to?  Or would it be purely audio?Also, I think that your BHP pub gatherings are a great idea.  I'm honestly not sure where people are centrally located (other than London... we have a lot of London listeners) and the BHP community is pretty small and scrappy.  But I'm absolutely on board with your idea.  And if there's one out in Portland, I'll definitely show up.  :)Welcome to the community!Jamie

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