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    OK, so maybe I'm showing my ignorance here, but have only just started the podcasts, so if there is some obvious connection later, I haven't found it yet.  May I ask, please, what the identifiers beneath our member name on our forum posts mean?  Items such as Bretwalda, Fyrd, Dux, Huscarl, Earl, and then the eras such as Saxon – 449CE and Celt – 500BCE.  Are these arbitrary decorations or do they have some significance?  Thanks :)

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    The image (Saxon/Celt) as well as Bretwalda/Dux are for Members and identify whether they joined during season one or two.  The Fyrd etc indicate how many posts the person has made.  The higher the rank, the more posts.  :)

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    I seem to have a star under my name.  I like the star.  The star is pretty. It makes me feel like a star….however, I can't figure out what I did to earn it  :)

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    I have no idea what the stars are for, to be honest.  ;)

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    Jamie – Obviously it mean's I'm a star!  I'll take it even if no one knows what it's for. :)

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