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    Hello all!In the podcast, Jamie mentioned that both Cedric and Ceawlin had names that did not sound Anglo-Saxon.  He also mentioned the possibility of intermarriage with the British, which resulted in the names.  Could it be possible that the reason that the West Saxons had relatively few battles during the age of peace and during the time of the plague/dust cloud was that they both WERE at least in part British?  Could some sort of alliance had formed between the West Saxons and some of the local British because of familial relations?  And then could the few battles that did occur with the British be a result of a separate community of British of family disagreement? Maybe the West Saxons straddled the two cultures more than other communities at the time, but some of their relationship may have been downplayed due to the editing of history for Alfred?And also about names... Is it possible that Cutha was the son of Cuthwine,  the brother Caewlin AND the brother of Cuthwine?  Could it be that Caewlin named his son after his brother, then Cuthwine did the same?  Did names travel down through generations like that?

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