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    Just a quick question to Jamie but will you be following a set timeline through British History from ancient times right up to present day, or will you hop around to cover different periods?  The reason I ask is because I also listen to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (highly recommend it to anyone as the guy puts so much passion into it) and he tends to jump around.  1 minute its Rome for a few episodes then it might jump to World War 2, back over to Genghis Khan etc.  There's so many different time periods that I can't wait to hear your efforts on (especially World War 2 as it should make for some great research material) and would just like to know your plans for future episodes.

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    I'm proceeding in a chronological manner.  So once I'm back to the kings (soon) it will proceed forward in time without jumping around.  The only jumping around I do is when talking about cultural stuff.  Thanks for listening!

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    The cultural stuff makes for interesting listening, some very sobering thoughts and provides a nice break from the traditional  A-B-C narrative format. I can understand some listener's need for urgency to get back on track, especially with all the Anglo-Saxon side-stepping because of a lack of traditional narrative, but these episodes have been, to me anyway, incredibly eye-opening. So, please do keep up with the cultural stuff Jamie!

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