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    I've had a number of members ask for a reliable way to get the password protected member feed through an in-phone app.So far I've heard that Downcast (for the iPhone) was pretty good, but that costs money.  I haven't heard of any solutions for Androids.  So I thought I'd put this out there as a question to all of you, so hopefully we can help eachother.  So here we go..Do any of you know of a free (or at least cheap) app that can get password protected podcasts on the iPhone?  How about on the Droid?Thanks!

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    Nope, don't know. The iPhone techies didn't think that one through very well….or did they and were they just trying to annoy the hell out of us with poor design  >:( >:(The podcasts app is good (although I found it a bit glitchy to start with) but the ability to download password protected content is a must......come on Apple!!I, like anyone else with an iPhone with the same issue, just download in iTunes and drag the episodes over to my phone. As long as I can get the members only episodes, I don't really mind how.

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    Android – BeyondPod – there is a free version that allows password feeds.  The free version limits the number of downloads you can do at one time to 1 (I stream for the most part so this doesn't affect me), and you can only update one feed at a time.  Other than that it's the best one I've found and it's regularly updated.

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    I have been using this on android. I like it. It's supposed to support password protected feeds but I have never tried it.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vertile.onecast&hl=en

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    Podcast Addict for Droid is free and supports password-protected feeds. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bambuna.podcastaddictThere's also a 2.99 ad-free version.

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    It works on Pocketcastas as well, you just need to add the userid/password as part of the podcast url:"In some cases though, you can ask the podcast author if they’ll give you a custom feed that you can paste into the Search bar in the Discovery section. If your podcast author supports encoding your username and password into the feed URL itself, this formula might work for you: http://[username]:[password]@[feed]."That works for BHP's Members only

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