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    Three weeks ago someone recommended this podcast and I started on episode 1 and am somewhere around 100 – much to the chagrin of my other podcasts which have been just queuing up over this marathon. So far I love it. My only request that given that 95% of the time I'm not able to pull up a map, and being from the US I am not familiar with many of the modern locations in Great Britain, when you say "blah is near modern day blah", I'd love for you to add a simple directional location, i.e. "which is on the lower south-eastern section of England". That way I could have a better geographical reference. Thanks!

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    Fair enough.  Sometimes I forget that not everyone spends all day pouring over maps and documents.  I'll try to do a better job in the future!  Thanks for the suggestion!Also, please send my thanks to your friend for sharing the show with you.  :)

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    I'm from England and have a fair idea of where places are and what they feel like when you get there, but I'd still love to see a map of the whole area with pins marking the main things you cover in the podcasts. It would end up an illegible pin cushion pretty quickly if you put everything on there, but at least the main events/themes would be very helpful. Or maybe a different map for every 50 podcasts or every chunk of history, split it as you will. Ideally the pins on the map would reference the podcast episode number that talks about that place, although that's probably lots of work. Still, it would be nice.

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