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    Hello!I live in the northeast U.S., but have been doing a lot of genealogy work that has led me back to Rossendale, Lancashire. I'm planning to visit the area next year, but I know very little about it. Is anyone from Crawshawbooth or surrounding area, or familiar with it, and could give me some advice on what to see and do?Thanks!

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    I'm from Manchester, the only time I have been to Rossendale is when I went to the dry ski slope there (which I wouldn't recommend) I can tell you things about northwest England though. If you are visiting there you will likely be flying in to Manchester.

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    Liverpool and Chester are both worth a visit

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    Crawshawbooth and Rossendale are both fairly small and won't take long to explore (which you'll doubtless want to do, given your reasons for visiting). However, if you're driving or using the train, visiting major tourist locations of the north won't be too tricky. As a local, I strongly recommend a trip up towards the Lake District, but the previous recommendations of Liverpool and Chester are also worth a shout! It won't take you long to cross the Pennines and explore Yorkshire, either. All depends on how long your visit is and what you enjoy doing!

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    I'm sure there are several locals on here that can give you pointers, but I wanted to poke my head in and welcome you to the community!Also, fellow podcaster Jamie Redfern (History of Hannibal) is a Mancunian.  He might have some advice for you.

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    Hi Cayetana,I would second Chester (Iain). My family are from St Helens not too far away from Crawshawbooth.If you get to Chester it has an amazing wall surrounding the city and some of the oldest buildings in Britain that are still in use.One of the oldest buildings is now a takeaway (burger king or something like that) however you can freely enter (and not purchase) and then go down into the basement and explore.When you get to Chester make sure that you go to the main tourist information office and register for the free guided walking tour. IT IS A MUST DO!It takes a couple of hours but well worth it for you will see incredible things mixed up with the every day modern city. Make sure you put your "Welsh" out of the city gates at night as it is still the law.Also for me the East coast was a highlight from York across to Whitby. As an Australian of a UK family Whitby was the port for Captain Cook, Viking raiders and Bram Stokers Dracula!Have a great visit to Britain.

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