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    Hi Everyone,My name is Peter and I have just joined having been listening to Jamie's podcasts for a few months. I really like his way of looking at history - not just kings and battles but how ordinary people lived and what their lives were like. This is proper history to me!I have now retired from working in the scientific/medical world and history is an immensely enjoyable contrast to what I was previously doing.  Also, I have an interest in politics and current affairs, and history provides very useful insights into how we manage (or mismanage) our affairs today.Finally, living in the middle of England, I really appreciate this way of finding out much more about my own history.

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    Hi Peter, welcome to the forums!I'm so pleased that you're enjoying the deviation from the Great Man approach.  It's been fun, but a little bit risky.  So it's always nice to hear from happy listeners who enjoy the change of pace.  :)  Thanks!

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