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    Hi, yet another introductory post.  I'm Pete and I live near Glasgow, Scotland.  I'm catching up on the podcasts at the moment, having got as far as the Antonine Wall (though I did cheat when I first found the podcasts and jumped ahead to listen to the Scotcasts first).  A lot of the time I listen to the podcasts while walking the dog along the southern banks of the Clyde, looking North towards the Kilpatrick Hills where the Antonine Wall once stood – it brings a new dimension to the area!I've always had a strong interest in Scottish and British history and am really appreciating the extra light that the podcasts are shedding on this.Pete.

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    Hi Pete, welcome to the forums!That sounds like a perfect way to walk the dog.  And if you have any photos of the sites that we've been speaking about in the podcast, please post them on the Photographs forum.  I'm sure other listeners would be quite interested in seeing them. 

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