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    Hello all,My name is Paul, I'm born & bred in London where I still reside with my (Irish/Italien) wife, two kids and Cat called Nereno (blackie in Italien) I work in advertising so spend many an hour sitting at my computer listening to Podcast whilst working.Love the Bri.Hist. Pods, always something new to learn about these windy Isles it seems, I didn't even know we once had giant deer walking about the place or that the name for Ancient Britons was Beaker People. Anyway look forward to hearing and reading more in the future, cheers for now.

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    Hi Paul!If you ever have the chance to share some photos of the locations we've been talking about (or will talk about) I would really appreciate it.  A lot of this community resides outside of the UK, and so they don't get the chance to see many of the sites in your area.  And, as you know, London is full of historical sites.  :)

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