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    Hi all.First off I'd like to thank Jamie for continuing to do the project.  I finally became a member at the beginning of the month.  I had planned to for sometime but never got around to it.I'm currently employed working for a financial software company implementing our software for corporations.  I've been traveling quite a bit as of late and haven't had time to listen to a members only podcast since becoming a member :(.I first decided I was sick of listening to music while driving and found The History of Rome podcast and fell in love. I went to Rome in February and have hundreds of pictures if someone would like me to post a few I will in the picture section. After I listed to that all the way through in about two months I needed to hit the needle again and found The British History Podcast.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  I got so spoiled listening to podcasts every single day for hours while going through past episodes that waiting a week kills!  Every time a new episode comes out I get all giddy.  Keep up the good work!!!  Thank you so much for this podcast!By the way, I have a good friend who moved out to Oregon and if I ever get out there to visit him I'd like to buy you a beer because you seem like a cool guy to drink a cold one with.  Rogue Dead Guy Ale!!!  < -- One of my favorites.  Good thing I get it all the way here in Chicago.Patrick

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    Patrick, you had me at “I'd like to buy you a beer.”  But we're going to have to broaden your horizons, because there are some pretty incredible breweries here in Portland other than Rogue.  Also, we've got a growing Distillery culture which is outstanding.  Such as East Side Distillery.  And don't even get me started on the foodie culture in Portland.  There is a top-notch restaurant (or cart) for nearly every sort of food you'd want.  So you should definitely visit your friend, and not just because I'm a fan of free beer.  ;)Anyway, thanks for becoming a member and welcome to the forums!

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