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    Anyone else ruin their souls playing this cardgame?  It took us more than 45 hours of playing to get through all 33 scenarios.  (Not in one rip, that's 45+ hours spread out over 10 months.)  And nothing in the first 32 scenarios prepared us for the total beatdown that was the final one.  There are five of us in our group, and three of us died.  Brutal, just death and destruction and sobbing... brutal.But that said, Skull & Shackles comes out next month and we're making plans to dive into that one.  Pirates are involved in this one, sign me up!

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    I haven't played the card game version of that, but I'll be running the Tabletop RPG version of it in a week or two, it looks like good fun.

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    Yeah, I can't say I've played the card game version of it either, but the Tabletop RPG version of it is pretty fun.also geez, if 45 hours of that ruins the soul then my soul must be horribly mangled.

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    I'm also in the middle of the tabletop version right now. The DM mentioned the card game last night. Maybe I'll check it out.

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    Jim (the guy from the Vikings reviews) and I sometimes play Pathfinder.  It's a shockingly good game.

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