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    While I know there were story changes to the 2007 “uncanny valley” animated Beowulf, one glaring mistake really caught my eye.The filmmakers date the story as starting in 507ce... During one of the great hall battles with Grendel, somebody is using (then loses) an +ULFBERH+T sword. These peculiar swords are dated to approximately 800 - 1000ce.Also, for Jamie, I keep hearing you say Anglo Saxon steel blades wouldn't be matched until modern day smelting practices are created in the 19th century. However, I also keep hearing that true +ULFBERH+T swords (there were contemporary inferior knockoffs) were made using crucible steel (fully melted so that impurities will better separate with the flux and carbon is better infused.) They seem to have been made during open trade routes between the vikings and the far east and stop being made after this trade route is believed to have closed.Asia was supposedly using crucible steel since around 300bce and through pure dumb luck may have even contained carbon nanotubes, but that is still being researched, I think.The reason Anglo Saxon steel is inferior to this is they never could get it hot enough to fully melt it and float off impurities.I guess I got side tracked there. Anyway, what out of time errors can you come up with in the period pieces you have seen recently?

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    Randal, I have nothing to add here right now, but I love the idea of this thread.  :)

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    I hate to admit it, but I am horribly addicted to Reign. Yes, that show that basically takes Gossip Girl and puts it to the tune of Mary Queen of Scots. The inaccuracies are INSANE. Like, fake bastard brother of Frances who might take the crown in his place because of a prophecy made by Sexy Nostradamus. It's cringeworthy for historical accuracy, but I cannot look away. Joss Whedon binge watches it though, so I feel much better about myself. I'm just hoping they stick to history and get her back to Scotland ASAP so we can have an encounter that never happened with Elizabeth. I'd imagine they'd have the pair meet IRL since letters are boring to portray on screen. It's historical fanfic on the CW with fantasy elements and Anne of Green Gables as Catherine de' Medici. What can you expect? (Answer: A guilty pleasure.)

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