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    I included Orkney in our trip to the UK only to see Skara Brae and was devastated that it was closed due to some horizontal white stuff flying in the air.But the island is just rife with history.  It's so untouched.Flying in8586495565_a9b4a9558c_b.jpg8587560400_48e0575ef2_b.jpgBrogdar8587547150_5ca315c748_b.jpgSomewhere under all the white stuff I knew there were some inscriptions believed to be Runic8587503338_b211aac1c2_b.jpgAs close as I got to Skara Brae  :'(8587486028_5558154129_b.jpgThe landscape and stark weather differences just astounded me.  This was less than four hours after the blinding snow/sleet.8587460886_7600221569_b.jpgWe were going to try to adventure into this cairn but the weather wasn't cooperating.8587459652_576204d6f6_b.jpgNot really history but I have always loved this shot8587452958_4575a3a677_b.jpgPictures cannot give justice to St Magnus8587433586_56e3dc84db_b.jpgI got the two palaces confused but I think this is the Earl's8587418854_d445265612_b.jpgWhich would make this the Bishop's8586310259_9e7e0bc973_b.jpgIf you think this is cool, which I did, you can read more on the Holm Totemhttp://www.holmtotempole.blogspot.com8587402826_7670569871_b.jpg

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