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    Anonymous recently go into Lars Brownworth's Norman Centuries podcast. He did the 12 Byzantine Rulers Podcast (I haven't listened to this one yet). I haven't done much reading on the Normans, and have learned a lot about them through the show. I was surprised about the origins of the Normans. It's definitely worth a listen.

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    Really loved the 12 Byzantine Emperors, so when I heard about Norman Centuries I couldn't wait.  I was mostly (vaguely) aware of the Byzantine stuff – it was nice to get more details, though – but the Norman kingdoms in Italy and the Near East were new to me.  Highly recommended!Re: Byzantium, though - in the episode on Justinian and Belisarius, I was disappointed that he didn't even mention Belisarius' blinding.  Even something like "You might have heard this... but it's not true" would have been nice; passing over it without even mentioning it left me curious and confused.

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    Oldcastle – Thank you, I downloaded this podcast because of you post and I'm really enjoying it!  This might explain some of my family stories that my grandmother told me about us being Viking.  Our family came from the Normandy region of France so it makes sense now.  Waaaayyyyyy back, we might have been Viking lolThanks again,Susan

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