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    I just listened to the episode about the results of the Inquest from the second Hoard.  (I know–I'm way behind,but just discovered the series)  Deb mentioned that a number of items weren't considered Treasure, but do have historical significance.  What happens to these historical objects,, like the Saxon copper bowls?  Who do they belong to?  Do they go back to the discoverer, the land owner or the public good (like a museum)?Love the series!

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    I wonder that as well!  I had the website for the Hoard up while I was listening to the podcast, and I am amazed at the detail, skill and craftsmanship present in these pieces.  Wow!  And where did they get all that garnet from?  And what did it mean to them?  So many questions, and I hope the continued work on the Hoard will reveal some answers.All the pieces in the photos I saw online were of the "treasure" sort - gold, garnet, etc.  I'd love to see examples of some of the more ordinary things found in the Hoard.

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    they are returned to the owner (whomever that may be or by whatever agreement the metal detectorist or land owner have made) they then have the right to do whatever they want to do with them. Whether its to donate or sell to a local museum, keep them or sell on the open market

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