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    My name's Nicki and I live near Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm a school librarian and the social studies Academic Team coach (this year's topic is Colonial and Revolutionary America). I've been an Anglophile since I was a teenager and someday my husband and I will finally (finally!) take a trip to the island. Until then, I have to get my fix through books, documentaries and podcasts. The rest of my family supports my love of all things British by watching copious amounts of Doctor Who and Top Gear on BBC America!  :D

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    Doctor Who FTW! Which is your favorite doctor? I'm partial to the 9th, because he's the one I started with. Also I think his and Rose's romance is super sweet!

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    David Tennent is my favorite, hands down.

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    Actually, the romance with Rose grated on me.  The Doctor has never had romantic entanglements with humans in the past, even with the most delightful of companions.  It seemed to be taking the character in a new direction that felt odd.  I mean, if he's truly hundreds of years old, brilliant, and has the experiences of countless lifetimes, why would he be romantically interested in a relative infant chav?  Tom Baker is my favourite doctor.  Agreed completely on how much fun Top Gear is.  Welcome to the BHP forum, Nicki!

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