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    Just popping in to say hi and thank you for all your hard work and research, was pointed in this direction via a facebook page for Germanic neopaganism, not that that describes me but I have a keen interest in history it seems and anything to do with Vikings etc, I started looking into the Germanic and pagan origin of Christmas as I am a bit of an atheist and wanted to re ignite the magic of Christmas in some way so I could enjoy that holiday period with the rest of the family as normally I find it a bit flat and very much about buying and the whole commercial thing now, the pagan history of it and learning about that seems to have set me on a learning about my past path and well,,, here I am, I love the delivery of the podcasts, the humour etc especially enjoyed your reviews of the last kingdom, and the second series is due for release in the uk in a few weeks so who knows maybe some more reviews eh? joined up with member ship only this week and slowly working my way through the ages, found a good few other sources of info along the way including history on fire podcast by Daniele Bolelli and check out the red ice yule special on you tube its fantastic (myths and forgotten traditions of the winter solstice)
    keep up the good work !

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