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    Hi,My name is Jean-Luc, I'm a french Canadian from Montreal, and I'm fascinated by history. I found your podcast on iTunes looking for British history and listened to all your podcasts from the beginning. I just reached the last episode and I'm hooked. I've been a freeloader for a while now, but I love what you do, the way you tell the story, the depth and details you go into, and the little jokes carefully inserted. I have laughed my ass off at some small comments you put in, I love it. It is now time for me to chip in, and I believe it's the right moment with the Amazon situation, I'd hate to see the podcast stop now. Keep it up, you do an excellent job! :)

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    Hi Jean-Luc! Jamie's humor is a big reason why I became a member too. Magnus Maximus and his Strategic Sheep Reserves has been my favorite crack so far.Side note: I'm watching your local soccer team take on Club America in the CCL finals in the big Olympic Stadium. Allez l'Impact!  8)

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    I don't follow soccer much, I'm more into hockey (of course… Canadians… lol) but still, Allez l'Impact!! ;)

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    Hi Jean-Luc, I'm so glad that you like my goofy sense of humor.  I'm always worried that it won't land or that people will roll their eyes, so it's nice to hear from people who actually laugh at my stupid side comments.  ;)Welcome to the community!

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