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    Just thought I'd say that, after being quite the secular humanist for many years, after going back through the druid-casts, I've decided to get back to at least a little bit of spirituality/religion.I have signed up to become a member of the ADF (Ar nDraiocht Fen; aka A Druid Fellowship) and am going through the decidant path now.  I find it fun stuff to be learning about the pagan holidays and may even go through the clergy path next so I can do druidic/pagan ceremonies such as marriages and be state approved.Yes, I am very aware that the neo-Druidic movements are very much a reconstruction, but it's still fun as all get out.  A few friends and I are putting together our own neo-Celtic/Asatru religious group, but are starting by going through current active groups first for more groundwork.  The one thing we have in common is a distrust for organized groups (ironic or something, I know).So a thank you to Jamie for the excellent Druid-casts and was wondering if any other podcast followers are fellow pagans, as well.

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