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    Hello everyone.  I got into history by reading Will Durant’s Story of Civilization and English history mainly through Simon Schama’s History of Britain.  I really like Durant’s idea of synthetic history, that you can’t study English History without knowing the influences of other areas of Europe on England.  That is probably why I appreciate the BHP and became a member. So I am in the middle of the US but love British history.  I would like to read more about the changes in English politics during the American Revolution. It is easy to see that the only way the Revolution succeeded is lack of consistent leadership in the Parliament.  Nice to meet you.

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    Hi Mike, The Pre and Post Revolution politics of Britain are fascinating.  Things were changing with respect to colonial attitudes already, but they /really/ changed after that fight.  Absolutely fascinating stuff.  And the conflicts that went on within parliament on how to deal with the colonies in the lead up to the war is also fascinating.  I highly recommend looking into it (though naturally I'll be getting into all that sort of detail once we finally reach that era of history... in several years, haha).Anyway, welcome to the community!

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