Melandra Castle/Ardotalia in Glossop, Derbyshire

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    I'm a new member and did post about this in my Hello thread but I wasn't sure if many would read it so thought I'd post more here:I'm from the UK and live in a town called Glossop which is a small town up North, about a mile from where I live are the ruins of an old roman fort which can be visited quite easily. It rests right on the edge of a huge hill that oversees a massive valley and the rest of the town.  Its not the biggest of places to visit but as a kid it always fascinated me and I'd often make trips up there with a metal detector hoping to find some Roman coins (I never did! :( ). Some more info on the sight here:'s more info on Wikipedia as well with a few more pictures: site is maintained by the local council and the foundations can still be seen with a plaque left by the archaeologists that sifted through the sight some years ago.

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