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    Hello! I have been listening to the BHP for a few months now and it's becoming borderline religious at this point so I've decided to join. I'm still listening to several episodes each day in an attempt to get caught up and I'm fairly certain that my husband is fed up with British history.  :- I live in rural NW Washington State with my husband, Zach, my corgi, Arj, and my Newfoundland (dog, not person), Gus. Professionally, I am an archivist and I work for the Washington State Archives. I have always loved history and I wanted to do what I love but I also wanted to be able to get a real job someday so I became an archivist. (Western Washington University has a two-year M.A. program in Archival Management.) What I like about the BHP: Jamie, if you're reading this, the archivist in me really appreciates your occasional emphasis on primary source research. Many history professors don't even emphasize the importance of sound primary source research methods so thank you. Also, I really like the involvement of archaeological evidence in the overall discussion. Love it.I look forward to (hopefully) interacting more with the BHP via this forum. Thanks for the awesome work all of you behind-the-scenes folks do!Megan

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    Hi Megan!  Actually, what seems like a VERY long time ago I was a student at WWU.  So welcome to a fellow alum!That's really cool that you're an Archivist!  And yeah, I agree that there are professors out there that fail to educate their students on the importance of epistemology.  Understanding where the information is coming from is as important as the information we're being given.  I'm lucky that I always had critical thinking emphasized in my education.  :)

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