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    Bit of a strange question I have a friend who is involved in re enactments based around the time of the wars of the roses. She is trying to find out information on what day to day activities that men and women engaged in, keep it clean ;),  when not fighting apart from the obvious cooking, sewing, sharpening weapons, dying of dysentery etc. She doesnt know where to look and if anyone has any links to articles or books which describe camp life beyond in that period beyond the obvious then please let me knowThanks

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    This is the kind of question I desperately hope the BHP will dig into in the medieval seasons. I am time and again astounded at how little I know about day-to-day routine, even of nobles let alone peasants.

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    We will /definitely/ get into that stuff once we get into the appropriate time frame.  Though I don't have any quick answers for your friend right now because I'm up to my neck in Middle Ages stuff at the moment.  ;)

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