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    I was very interested to listen to these episodes on Dark Age Medicine. I thought it might interest you to know that the practice of cupping has ancient origins in Egypt (recorded in 1550 BC) Greece (used by Hippocrates ca 400 BC) and China where it is still used in Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine. An organization called the British Cupping Society promotes it’s medical use as well Chinese medicine still uses flying squirrel dung (Wu Ling Zhi) as a pain reliever and to invigorate the blood.In India cow dung and urine is widely used for medicinal purposes in India. The last time i was there I used a homemade bar of cow dung soap (a great exfoliator), and have seen dung applied to cuts and scrapes (I never got that brave) . am a believer the medicinal power of faith, call it placebo or magic, and I see the growing re-acceptance of holistic medicine practices such as Ayurveda and Classical Chinese Medicine which incorporate a spiritual aspect invaluable to our spiritually and physically ailing society.

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