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    Jamie …. you'd mentioned that the Celts grew corn in the members only podcast.  I was always under the impression that corn was domesticated in the Americas and thus was not brought over to the old world until after Columbus. Were there 2 varieties of maize/corn? Cheers

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    You're right, what we call corn in the US was an American veggie. It's an issue of linguistics. Corn means “cereal grain” originally and still does overseas. So maize is from America. But the celts did grow corn but that means they grew wheat and whatnot. Sorry, I should have been clearer.

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    Interesting, I wonder if that's why some people say “barleycorn”.

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    Yes, Jamie is correct – the British called 'wheat' 'corn' before American maize arrived, and this confine still exists. For example, when Gibbon talks of Roman 'corn riots' he means wheat.

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