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    I've just returned from my first trip to the UK, and I thought this would be an acceptable place to gush about the things I enjoyed there.  My fiance lives in Guisborough, North Yorkshire, and so I visited for a few weeks before returning to the US to deal with visa paperwork.  He'll be attending Durham University in the fall, and so we went up there to see the school, the cathedral, and since it was in town, the Magna Carta! The copy of the Magna Carta we saw was written in 1216, and I believe it's the copy that will be coming to Canada this year, though I could be mistaken.  It was amazing to see how tiny it was, and what small handwriting was used to pen it.  The Durham Library exhibit on revolt and citizen's rights started with that as its main attraction, then took you through later revolts and revolutions.  Other displays included the gloves believed to have been worn by Charles I when he was executed, and items Catholics smuggled through Tudor times to celebrate the Catholic mass in secret.  It was a great exhibition, and if anyone can make it to Durham before August, I'd recommend it.Then, we went to see the cathedral, which was spectacular.  I've never been to anything like it before, it was so massive and beautiful.  It's a World Heritage Site for good reason, but of course no photos allowed inside. I got particularly excited when I saw the tomb of Bede there, my fiance and his mother laughed at me.  It was just incredible to me that I could kind of be in the same room as Bede, even though he had passed away centuries ago. They've promised that the next time I'm back, we'll go to Lindisfarne, and I'm really looking forward to it.

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