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    Hello,I am Madeleine and I just signed up on the form. I have been listening to the podcast and I finally decided to look up the website and investigate. The podcast is very good so far -- I am up to the Anglo-Saxon food and drinks episodes. For me I really like Jamie's style of talking. It sounds like I am just listening to him taking to friends rather than a lectue and I appreciate that. Anyway I will keep listening to he episodes till I get current. Keep up the good work, Jamie.Madeleine

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    Hi Madeleine!  I'm glad you like the style and you've described exactly the tone I try to hit.  Actually, the way I deal with the awkwardness of seeing the little red light turn on when I hit record is to pretend the microphone is just a friend.  ;)Welcome to the forums!

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    Welcome Madeleine. I think one of the reasons I have continued to listen to the podcast is Jamie's style as well. It makes the episodes fun and exciting rather than just about giving information. I like too how Jamie seems to stay in touch with fans of the podcast as well. Honestly this podcast is the first I have really enjoyed listening to.

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