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    Stumbled on the podcast after recently finishing the History of Rome podcast (must have taken me over 3 months to get through it!) and after hitting episode 20 thought I'd become a member and donate.  Really loving the podcast so far and with my biggest interest being Roman history its great to see a show that has had a lot of focus on what happened in the UK.  I'm from the UK and live in a town called Glossop which is a small town up North, about a mile from where I live are the ruins of an old roman fort which can be visited quite easily. It rests right on the edge of a huge hill that oversees a massive valley and the rest of the town.  Its not the biggest of places to visit but as a kid it always fascinated me and I'd often make trips up there with a metal detector hoping to find some Roman coins (I never did! :( ). Some more info on the sight here:http://www.glossopheritage.co.uk/melandra.htmJust like to say keep up the good work and can't wait to hear future episodes.  The mention of King Arthur as a member perk had been clicking donate straight away  ;D

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    Hi Lorfarius and welcome to the forums!I edited your subject line to fit in with the naming convention of the channel.  Anyway, welcome to the forums and thanks for becoming a member!

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