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    For those with access to BBC 2 a new series on life in Rome. I believe it is 3 episodes and the first one is due to air on Thursday 19h April

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    Is this the thing with mary beard?

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    I believe it is. I have recorded it but yet to watch itIt is also available on BBC iplayer for those who missed it

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    On the BBC history extra podcast (April 19th edition) mary Beard talks about life in every day Rome. Not strictly British history I know but I suspect that every city in the empire was a mini version of the Capital

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    Thanks! Ill look for it later. And other cities in the empire were nothing like rome. Romans tried to make the other cities as orderly as possible. Its almost like they gave up with Rome.

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    It was a really interesting little series. I wasn't sure at first as the presenter was mad as a box of frogs, but she was good and it brought the flashes of everyday life into such a good view that I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure I could face the communal shits, but I guess if you are brought up to think that public shitting/sex is normal, you might find our prudishness a little freaky too!

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