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    I'm a data scientist in the marketing space… but that's a far cry from where I started.  My original major in undergrad was Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  In fact, the offering of that major was why I chose the school I did.  Then I tried to actually achieve that major and things went, to use a British term, pear-shaped pretty quickly.  The classes were not offered in anything close to the timeline they would need to be in order to progress someone to graduation within four years.  Eight might have been closer.  So I changed to Economics and went through both Bachelors and Masters programs as such, started working, got established, etc.  Now I work remotely and spend vast quantities of time with nothing but a computer, my dogs, and a roommate who tries not to interrupt me.  This provides plenty of opportunity to pursue my original interest in history and language while (or whilst, for Brits reading this) actually making a living.  I've been listening to the BHP for a few weeks now and catching up on.  Thus far, I've listened to all of the members podcasts and 1 - 110 of the main podcasts.  Getting there.  Very glad to be supporting this as a member and looking forward to participating in the forums.~Lexy~

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    Hi Lexy,It's funny how far we often stray from our original intents upon going to college, isn't it?  I picked my university due to it's Marine Biology program, for example.  ;)Thanks for supporting the show and welcome to the community!

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