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    My name is Leah (as obvious by the subject line…and user name).  I found this podcast a few months back when I was looking for history podcasts to listen to on my commute.I live in Madison, WI, USA and would consider that my hometown for all intents and purposes.  I share my house with my husband and our animals.  Currently the count is 2 Huskies and 5 cats.  We lost two other special need dogs, one this past winter at age 4 and the first a couple years back at 5.5 months, due to their conditions.  The fish all killed each other.  ::)I suppose my family members, including myself, have been Anglophiles for as long as I recall.  Ethnically, I'm a mutt but I do owe a bulk of my genetics to the British Isles so that must account for it.  My sister currently lives in London, UK; my grandparents house-sat for 10+ summers there; I've been several times (albeit as a chaperone every time).  I love history and genealogy.  I'm also a huge fan of Jane Austen, Monty Python, and Doctor Who.  I'd better throw in something non-British...I love learning languages, reading textbooks and international music.  I'm very active with youth and volunteer work.  I'm in the process of introducing "my kids" to the awesomeness that is Doctor Who.  Already got them hooked on Monty Python.  :)  As I mentioned, I frequently chaperone trips.  I love sharing the history of various places and getting them excited about history and connecting the dots for them.  Although at some point I should probably take a personal trip so I can actually spend time with my sister and visit all the random places I've missed each time or not spent as much time at as I've desired.  Gina just wants me to visit so I can drive her around the UK, since she refuses to.  ;)That's pretty much it.  I'm sure a lot more will come out when I get the chance to post.

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    Welcome to the podcast!What languages do you study? 

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    Special needs dogs are the best (I'm biased due to Kerouac) and I'm very sorry you lost them.  :(  And I totally understand the issue with the fish.  We had a homicidal Loach fish in our tank that was systematically killing and eating our killi's.  When I talked to a specialist apparently the issue was he was “depressed.”Something along the lines of "... I'm sad.... KILLI'S MUST DIE!!!!"  Heh.  So now we have placid tetras and guppies, and things are much less bloodthirsty in there. Anyway, that was quite a tangent.  Um... Welcome to the forums!

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    Welcome to the forum Leah. Nice to see another Monty Python fan  :)Reg: If you want to join the People's Front of Judea, you have to really hate the Romans. Brian: I do! Reg: Oh yeah, how much? Brian: A lot! Reg: Right, you're in. Genius!

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