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    Hi there! I'm Lauren. I'm American, but I'm marrying a Scot and live with him in Scotland for a few months at a time until we get married and settle in the States. I love Scotland. My commute to my studio involves a castle on a cascading rock. I can even see it from my window at home. Much more exciting than apartments and offices in NY. Obviously, I love the Scotcast. I'm a jeweler of geeky things and like to listen to educational things while I work, since what I do is pretty mindless, aside from the fact that I'm constantly working with fire and sharp objects. I found the podcast after finishing all 500+ Missed in History's and I needed something new to listen to in the studio! Also, they took BSG off Netflix, which was my go to story time listening, so I needed something. When I heard a Starbuck reference in a podcast, I knew it was a match.

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    Hi Lauren, I'm so glad the BHP could help fill some of the void left by the BSG.  And of course, congrats on your engagement!  :)Welcome to the community!

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