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    I listened to episode ~62 and was compelled to take action.  More history, less lawyers.  Seemed like a bargain.I live in Georgia, studied forestry at UGA, and am a freelance code grinder.  The wife and I hope to travel to England someday.Jamie, this work is brilliant. Cheers.Kit

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    Welcome to the forums!And when you go to the UK, make sure you visit Wales.  It's gorgeous!  Also, make sure you go north and visit York.  It's such a charming city, I can't really say enough nice things about it.Anyway, thank you for supporting the project and helping me leave the practice!  Your account has been updated so you should see the members sections, and also have a fancy little badge under your name.  :)

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    Welcome to the forum Kit. Definitely go to Wales! It really is a stunning place. Which parts of the UK would travel to? Any particular favourite places in mind?

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