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    Ancient Oracle

    If you like to play games from this period, you might want to check out King Arthur II.Pay off a Pict army to attack the Caracellas, or help the eldest son of the Mesalla family depose his father in a coup ...but remember, it is just a game!

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    “Caracella's”?  At first I thought the reviewer misspelled Caracalla.  But if that's the case, then that means there's more than one Caracalla maybe an entire race of Caracalla's.  Which sounds horrific!  ;)  I can't say I've played King Arthur II, but it looks interesting.I do have a recommendation for historical games, though.  Europa Universalis 3, which is another Paradox title.  I've never enjoyed a game as much as I enjoyed Europa Universalis 3 (with all the expansions).  I actually have a hard time even calling it a game, it's more like a medieval world simulator.  It is absolutely unbelievable.  Fair warning to anyone who gives it a shot, it has an absurdly steep learning curve.  But once you figure it out, it's an absolute blast.

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