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    Hi, I'm Ken, in San Francisco Ca.  I'm a little bit behind in the podcast.  I found the Jamie and friends about 6 months ago and am quickly catching up.  It's an odd sort of time warp.  I'm in the early Anglo-Saxon period (hello feasts!) and when Jamie mentioned the pastoral lifestyle of the period, the London Olympics opening ceremony immediately came to mind and made a great visual for me.I'm not a student or historian or whatnot(;D), just someone who loves history and was bitten by the Anglophile bug on my first visit to the island.I cannot wait to head out in the morning to find out what happens to the food-rent, or how the penalty for stealing cattle has changed.Thanks to all for building all of this.Ken

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    Yeah, that opening ceremony (with the prominance of the Oak tree) was pretty fantastic!  And it's great to hear that you're enjoying the attention to feasting, food rent, and the like.  :)Welcome to the community!

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    Hello and welcome, [sort of] neighbor! 

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